Meet Miller

Over the last few months, we’ve been steadily working to make changes to and improve the Miller Creek brand. One of the first thoughts that crossed our minds when embarking on this process was to personify Miller. Or in layman’s terms, make a character out of the name; give him a face, a name, a personality. And that’s exactly what we did! 

We had a lot of fun concepting what he would look like and who he would become. So much fun, in fact, we decided Miller should be the one to tell the story of Miller Creek. We’re so excited to introduce you to him and share his story with you! So, without further ado, meet Miller.

Howdy, I’m Miller! I’m a modern-day explorer with a thirst for escape, adventure, and a life well-lived. Nothin’ suits me better than strikin’ out into the unknown and seein’ what I can find along the way. Stickin’ ‘round one spot for too long makes me restless as a windstorm, so I had to get to goin’ out into the unknown. 

After some time spent wanderin’, I done come upon a creek and kept followin’ it. Why? I don’t know, but y’all’dve never guessed what appeared before my eyes: a haven by the name of Miller Creek RV Park. Towering Live Oaks rustled quietly in the breeze, and best of all, I met people like me all lookin’ for the same things I was: a soft place to land in the midst of a life of freedom and adventure. 

Now that I had a hub to call home, I began exploring the many personalities of the Texas Hill Country and came upon more than I could’ve imagined. Wineries, local arts and culture, lip-smackin’ good food, and hiking trails winding through the Hill Country. A little somethin’ for everyone to enjoy. 

When you’re ready to check out, check in to Miller Creek RV Park, your Hill Country Restination.

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