What’s Miller Up To?

Have you met Miller yet? He’s the new character we’ve developed to represent Miller Creek RV Park. When we began working on Miller Creek RV park, we wanted to create more than just a place to park your vehicle. We wanted to build a hub in the center of endless Hill Country exploration where comfort, nature, and escape could be found. And what better way to encapsulate this vision than through Miller!? Miller embodies the lifestyle of those that stay at Miller Creek RV Park, while showcasing all that the park and the surrounding area have to offer.

We’ve spent the last few weeks working with an illustrator to come up with more “looks” for Miller before we formally introduce him to our website and branding at large. It’s been bushels of fun, and we can’t wait to see what he does next!

Miller will be your guide through our park, embodying the values we hold dear and the experiences we promise to deliver. You’ll find him in posts, materials, signage and more, adding a touch of magic to your stay. If you haven’t met Miller yet, take a gander at this link to learn more about him. He’s excited to be a part of the Miller Creek team!

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